Floor coverings for schools

The Ministry doesn’t have requirements about what kind of floor covering you should purchase. As a board of trustees, you can decide which floor coverings will work best in the different areas of your school.

Get the right floor coverings

These are some things that you should think about when choosing floor coverings.

  • Buy good quality floor coverings that are easy to maintain and long lasting to save costs in the long run.
  • Hallways get far more use than other rooms so should have hard floor coverings or heavy-duty carpet.
  • Laboratories and technology rooms often have spills so avoid carpets or other soft coverings.
  • Get floor coverings that are easy to keep clean (refer to the Floor NZ website below)
  • Minimise noise by thinking about the acoustic quality of flooring.

Designing quality learning spaces

Getting advice

FloorNZ also has information about floor coverings. They're also able to give advice about the best floor covering for your school.

Floor NZ website(external link)

Paying for floor coverings

Budget to replace floor coverings in your 5 Year Agreement (5YA)

5Y) funding

Plan for it in your 10 Year Property Plan (10YPP).

10YPP Plan

Floor coverings in new buildings and extensions are paid for from the project budget.

Non-fixed coverings, such as rugs, are counted as furniture and equipment, and you pay for them from your furniture and equipment funding.

Furniture and equipment funding

To repair floor coverings, use your Property Maintenance Grant (PMG) funding.

PMG funding

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