Fires and fireworks at schools

Check with the local council before lighting fires. Pyrotechnics can be used in school productions when the Ministry is informed and it’s professionally supervised, but firework displays are never allowed.

Check with your local council about having fires

The council may have conditions on lighting fires, such as:

  • ensuring the fire doesn’t contain contaminants that might damage people’s health or the environment
  • making sure the fire doesn’t release bad odours, excessive smoke or particles
  • ensuring plastic, rubber, food waste, chemicals and animal parts are not burnt in the fire.

Always think about wind direction and speed when lighting a fire.

Using pyrotechnics and fireworks

Pyrotechnics in school productions

Sometimes pyrotechnics such as explosions, flashes and smoke can be used as special effects in school productions. You can't use fireworks sold over the counter for Guy Fawkes Day.

The use of pyrotechnics is controlled by the Environmental Protection Authority (EPA).

If you want to use pyrotechnics, you must contact us.

Local Ministry offices

We'll give permission if you:

  • tell the company that monitors your smoke-detection devices about the production and when it will happen
  • use an approved handler from the EPA to control the pyrotechnics.

Firework displays

Fireworks of any kind aren't allowed on schools’ grounds. Firework displays always have a risk of fire regardless of how well they're managed. Fires are costly and cause huge disruption to the school.

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