Relocation costs if you're shifting schools

If you are teaching staff and you are moving to work at another school, you may be eligible to receive a payment from the Ministry to assist with the costs of relocation.

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  • Teachers and Kaiako
  • Principals and Tumuaki

Transfer and removal payments and reimbursements

Transfer and removal payments are available in 2 parts.

  1. A lump sum payment to cover costs such as travel, phone connection, in-transit accommodation and meals, and school uniform changes for your children.
  2. A reimbursement of accommodation and property expenses not covered by the lump sum, such as rent, mortgage penalties and real estate and legal fees for the sale or purchase of a property.

Who can apply for a payment

You may be eligible for a transfer and/or removal payment if you’re moving because you’ve been promoted, or you’re moving to work at a school that qualifies for a:

  • staffing incentive allowance
  • high priority allowance, or
  • isolation allowance ('hard to staff' schools).

The basic criteria is that you must be moving to an area that comes under a different district or city council than where you’re currently living.

Where to find these payments in your collective agreement

Before you apply for a payment, carefully read your employment agreement. Transfer and removal payments are set out in the collective agreements as follows:

Appendix 2 – Primary Principals’ (NZEI TRR) Collective Agreement

Appendix 2 – Primary Principals' (PPCBU) Collective Agreement(external link)

Part 6 – Primary Teachers’ Collective Agreement

Part 10 – Secondary Principals’ Collective Agreement 

Part 8 – Secondary Teachers’ Collective Agreement

Part 7 – Area School Teachers’ Collective Agreement

Schedule C: Transfers and removals – Area School Principals’ Collective Agreement

How to apply for transfer and removal

To apply for a lump sum payment, complete the following lump sum eligibility and assessment form (TR1).

To apply for reimbursement of other expenses, complete the following accommodation/property expenses form (TR2).

Removal company

New Zealand Van Lines is our contracted provider for household removals within New Zealand.

Once we have approved your application for transfer and removal payments, a representative from NZVL will contact you to arrange a pre-pack inspection and packing, removal and delivery of your household goods. We pay NZVL directly.

You will find a list of their offices on their website. If you need to contact NZVL, contact the office nearest to where you are moving from and make sure you let them know you are being moved at the Ministry of Education’s expense.

Our locations – New Zealand Van Lines(external link)

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