Most principals and teachers are entitled to be paid 1 or more allowances. Find out which allowances you might be eligible for.

Staffing incentive, isolation and priority teacher allowances

Allowances are paid to principals and teachers employed in schools that the Ministry has identified as needing additional support for recruitment or retention. These are also sometimes called ‘hard to staff’ schools.

High Priority Principals’ Allowance

Isolation Allowance

Priority Teacher Supply Allowance

Staffing Incentive Allowance

Other allowances

Some of the other allowances you may be eligible for are:

Advanced Classroom Expertise Teacher (ACET) Allowance

Associate Teacher Allowance

Maori Immersion Allowance

Normal School Allowance

Principal Recruitment Allowance

Resource Teacher Learning and Behaviour

Specialist Teacher Allowance and Specialist Classroom Teacher Allowances

Special School Principals’ Allowance

Which allowances apply to your role

I’m a primary principal

I’m a primary teacher

I’m a secondary principal

I’m a secondary teacher

I’m an area school principal

I’m an area school teacher

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