5.9 Sick Leave

5.9.1 The employer shall grant 10 working days sick leave per annum, with the first entitlement falling due on the date of appointment. Unused entitlement accumulates. No deduction from sick leave will be made for absences of less than 2 hours. 

5.9.2 The employee intending to take sick leave must notify the employer as early as possible before the employee is due to start work or, if this is not practicable, as early as possible after that time. 

5.9.3 The employer may decide that sick leave on pay of any special nature shall not be included in the aggregate of sick leave taken; but such leave is to be noted on the employee's leave record. 

5.9.4 Where absence on sick leave, whether with or without pay, extends beyond three consecutive days, employees may be required to produce a medical certificate signed by a registered medical or dental practitioner stating the probable period of absence. 

5.9.5 Where the employee absent on sick leave is suspected of being absent from duty without sufficient cause, the employee may be directed to submit to medical examination by a registered medical practitioner.  The employer shall meet the employee’s reasonable expenses in obtaining the medical certificate. 

5.9.6 When sickness occurs during annual leave, the employer may permit the period of sickness to be debited against sick leave entitlement except where the sickness occurs during leave following termination of employment. 

5.9.7 Rostered employees under clause 5.6 shall not have sick leave debited when the school is closed for instruction except where it occurs on a day specified for planning, preparation and professional development as per clause 3.1.2 (b) (iii). 

5.9.8 The employer may permit employees to anticipate their next sick leave entitlement.  Provided that the employee agrees the necessary adjustments will be made to final pay should an employee resign before the next entitlement falls due. 

5.9.9 Accumulated sick leave as at the date of coming into force of this agreement will be retained by employees.

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