5.8 Special Leave With or Without Pay

5.8.1 An employee may be granted special leave with or without pay. Placement on return from special leave without pay of more than 1 month is conditional on a suitable vacancy being available at the School, and grading cannot be guaranteed.  An employee who cannot be placed in employment on return will be given 3 months' notice in writing that employment is to be terminated. 

5.8.2 Examples of the type of leave that could be taken as special leave with or without pay at the employer's discretion: 

    • Leave without pay to work for the PSA.
    • Leave without pay to accompany a partner on an overseas posting.
    • Study Leave - where the course of study is of value to the employer.
    • Outward Bound - paid leave and/or payment of fees.
    • Conferences and Conventions - paid leave may be granted to attend conferences and conventions of value to the employer. 

Note: The employer will take into account the needs of the School and the employee in dealing with applications for study leave.  In addition to leave for study, the employer may grant leave for examinations, reimburse course fees wholly or in part and assist with travel costs.

Note: Leave without pay interrupts but does not break service.

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