5.6 Annual leave Rostered employees

5.6.1 These provisions will only apply to employees who have been placed on the Rostered scale hours of work (clause 3.1.2 (b) refers). 

5.6.2 Annual leave no longer applies, as employees in the above occupations will be on paid time off when their school is closed (unless they are on approved leave without pay, or planning, preparation or professional development). 

5.6.3 The employer will endeavour to arrange matters at the school in such a way that any requirement under this section is not unreasonable.  By prior arrangement the employee’s own initiatives in undertaking work for the above purposes may be counted when applying this clause. 

5.6.4 It is agreed that days when the school is not open for instruction shall constitute ‘working days’ for the purposes of 5.2.1 above. 

5.6.5 Days when the school is not open for instruction (Closed School periods) cannot attract overtime or penal time, as such payments are only ever due for actual penal or overtime worked by Rostered employees during Open School periods.  The salary payable during such Closed School periods will be at the average weekly earnings rate as calculated according to clause 4.13.2.

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