Primary Principals' Collective Agreement

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Part 6: Allowances

Primary Principals' Collective Agreement
Effective: 26 August 2019 to 25 August 2022

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  • 6.1 Reimbursing Allowances
    • 6.1.1 Before approving any activities which require the payment or reimbursement of expenses the employer shall ensure that such payment or reimbursement complies with any funding arrangements applying to the school.

      6.1.2 Travelling Allowance

      A principal required to travel within New Zealand on official business for an absence of more than one day, including attendance at approved staff development courses, educational and sports tours, shall be reimbursed for the costs of accommodation and meals on an actual and reasonable basis.

      6.1.3 School Camp Allowance

      A daily allowance of $25.00 is payable to principals in charge of a class or classes attending school camp.

      6.1.4 Evening Meal Allowance

      In circumstances where a principal's attendance at a meeting prevents the principal concerned returning home for the normal evening meal, a meal allowance of $11.56 is payable.

      6.1.5 Expenses Incurred in Use of Private Vehicles

      Motor vehicle allowance at a rate of 62c per km or equivalent public transport fares shall be reimbursed to principals required to use their own vehicles for official business.

      6.1.6 General Expenses

      Where a principal has their employer’s prior approval to both the duties which will result in an expense being incurred, and the level of the expense, the employer shall on the production of receipts, reimburse actual and reasonable expenses. The expenses must have been incurred in the proper performance of the principal’s responsibilities and duties under this Agreement.

  • 6.2 Other Allowances
    • 6.2.1 Normal School Allowance

      A principal in a normal or a model school shall receive an additional salary of $2,000 per annum.

      6.2.2 Bus Controller's Allowance

      A principal appointed bus controller for a school district who undertakes the full duties of bus control as determined from time to time by the employer shall be paid additional salary at the rate of:

        • $3.72 per day for the first route
        • $1.30 per day for each additional route.

      6.2.3 Associate Teacher Allowance

      An associate teacher allowance of $51.60 per trainee week shall be paid under the following provisions:

        1. The following definitions shall apply:
            1. “trainee” means a teacher trainee, or teacher on a course of retraining, at a college of education or provider approved and accredited under the provisions of the Education Act 1989 or a teacher undertaking a full-time course of specialised training
            2. “associate teacher” means a principal employed by a Board, approved by a college of education or other teacher training provider approved and accredited under the provisions of the Education Act 1989, to assist in the practical training of trainees under conditions defined by the provider;
        2. For each trainee week, namely each week each trainee is posted to an associate teacher's classroom for at least four teaching days, the associate teacher shall be paid at the rate specified above.
        3. Principals who are not associate teachers but are required to have trainees in the classroom for up to eight student weeks in any one year shall, except when the time spent in the one classroom by one or more trainees is less than four teaching days a week, be entitled to payment in accordance with the rate specified above.
        4. Where the approved teacher training provider approves the posting of trainees for a period of less than four teaching days a week, then payment shall be made in accordance with the rate specified above on the basis of the aggregation of those periods;
        5. The associate teacher allowance is payable to principals who are not necessarily involved in classroom related duties but who otherwise satisfy the provisions of this clause;
        6. The associate teacher allowance shall be payable at a daily rate for a trainee once four days have been completed with that trainee pro rated on the rate specified above. The first four days will also qualify for payment;
        7. The associate teacher allowance shall not be payable to a principal receiving the normal school allowance.

      6.2.4 Staffing Incentive Allowance

      Additional salary at the rate of $1,000 per annum shall be paid to all principals appointed to advertised positions in schools designated as having serious staffing difficulties and schools approved because of location.

      6.2.5 Principal Recruitment Allowance

        1. The Secretary may grant approval to a Board to pay its principal an allowance of $50,000 per annum for a fixed period of up to 3 years subject to (b) to (e) below.
        2. The approval is subject to any conditions determined by the Secretary. Following the commencement of the principal’s appointment, the Ministry, Board, principal and relevant stakeholders will meet to discuss what support options may be appropriate for the school.
        3. The allowance may be renewed by the Board subject to the prior approval of the Secretary for two subsequent periods of up to 2 years.
        4. The allowance may be suspended by the employing Board while the principal is undergoing competency processes or disciplinary processes (or both) as outlined in clause 8.3.2 and/or 8.4 respectively.
        5. The allowance will cease to be payable in the following circumstances:
            1. where the principal ceases to be employed as a principal at that school; or
            2. when the fixed period of the allowance ends, regardless of whether the principal remains at that school.

      Note: A principal in receipt of the Principal Recruitment Allowance is not eligible to receive the Staffing Incentive Allowance at the same time.

      6.2.6 Māori Immersion Teaching Allowance

        1. All full time principals required to teach in te Reo Māori immersion classes at levels one, two or three as defined in Schedule 1 to this Agreement shall receive an allowance of $4,000 per annum.
        2. From the start of the 2017 school year, all full-time principals required to teach in te Reo Māori immersion classes at level one who have more than three continuous years’ service teaching in level one Māori immersion classes shall receive an additional allowance of $2,000 per annum. This is in addition to the allowance described in clause 6.2.6(a).
        3. From the start of the 2017 school year, all full-time principals required to teach in te Reo Māori immersion classes at level one who have more than six continuous years’ service teaching in level one Māori immersion classes the additional allowance described in clause 6.2.6(b) shall increase to $4,000 per annum. This is in addition to the allowance described in clause 6.2.6(a).
        4. The employer shall attest to the eligibility of principals for these allowances according to the levels of te Reo Māori immersion outlined in Schedule 1 of this agreement.
        5. For clarity continuous service for the payment of the allowance in (b) and (c) above shall be interrupted but not broken by any periods of unpaid leave and/or breaks in teaching service and/or teaching service in classes other than Māori immersion level one.

      6.2.7 Compassionate Grant

      A compassionate grant shall be paid by the employer to a partner, or if there is no partner, to the next of kin of a principal who dies while employed in the state teaching service. Compassionate grants are calculated as a proportion of the annual rate of salary (including any permanent salary allowances) payable to the principal at the time of death as follows:

      Length of Service (in New Zealand state schools)Proportion of Annual Salary Rate
      20 years or more One-eighth
      10 years but less than 20 years One-twelfth
      Under 10 years No grant payable

      For the purposes of this clause, "service" means service in New Zealand state or state-integrated schools. Service must be continuous except that intervals of up to one year may be bridged and service aggregated, but the intervals do not count as service. If an interval exceeds one year the qualifying service commences afresh after the interval.

      6.2.8 Grandparented Service Increment

        1. A permanent Principal on 1 July 1992 who received a service increment shall maintain that entitlement while the Principal remains in a position covered by this Agreement, of $1,641 per annum.
        2. Teachers or Principals from area or secondary schools who were in receipt of a service increment under their appropriate Agreement as at 10 September 1992 who then transfer to the primary service shall receive the primary service increment of $1,641 per annum.
        3. A short break in service (being less than six months) for any Principal in receipt of the service increment will not affect eligibility for the service increment.
        4. Approved paid leave and unpaid leave, parental leave, and leave for childcare purposes of less than five years will not affect eligibility for the service increment.
        5. Teachers or Principals who move from employment with one board to another board will continue their entitlement to the service increment unless there is a break in service of six months or more (other than a period of leave described in clause 6.2.8(d)).

      6.2.9 Special School Principals’ Allowance

        1. A principal in one of the special residential schools listed below shall receive additional salary of $3,000 per annum for as long as that school retains its residential function.
          • Halswell
          • BLENNZ
          • van Asch
          • Salisbury
          • Kelston
          • Westbridge
        2. A principal in a special school not listed in clause 6.2.9(a) shall receive additional salary of $2,000 per annum.
        3. No principal shall be entitled to receive more than one special school principals' allowance at any one time.
        4. The parties acknowledge that receipt of this payment will not affect the Ministry’s response to applications for Ministry concurrence for further additional payments for special residential school principals.
  • 6.3 Isolation Allowance
    • 6.3.1 A principal whose work requires that they reside for the term of their appointment at a locality designated as isolated will receive an isolation allowance at the prescribed rate.

      6.3.2 An isolation allowance will be paid fortnightly and during:

        1. periods of annual leave, whether or not the principal remains in the isolated locality;
        2. any absence from the isolated locality on sick leave or other paid leave of up to seven consecutive days;
        3. periods where a principal goes to another locality and is paid a school camp allowance.

      6.3.3 The isolation allowance rates for principals whose full-time residence is in a locality which has a population of less than 300 are listed in Appendix 1.