Increasing the maximum roll of an integrated school

When a school is integrated into the state system, it has an integration agreement. This includes a stated maximum roll number and the number or percentage of non-preference students who may be enrolled. Non-preference students are included as part of the maximum roll.

With approval from the Minister of Education, a school’s maximum roll may be changed. This requires an application from the proprietor and the support of its board of trustees.

Any proprietor considering a change should seek advice and/or assistance from the Association of Proprietors of Integrated Schools (APIS).

What to think about

  • Why do we want to make this change?
  • Is there evidence of unmet demand for education of the special character provided by the school?
  • Will the change fit with the 5 year strategic plan for our school?
  • Has the secretary for Education directed that an enrolment scheme be implemented under section 11H of the Education Act 1989?
  • Is any other school likely to be affected if the increase in maximum roll is approved?
  • Are there any property implications?

What you should do

  • Discuss the matter with your board of trustees.
  • Your school’s proprietor should send an application to the Association of Proprietors of Integrated Schools (APIS) who will forward it to the Ministry of Education for processing.
  • Allow sufficient time for the application to be processed and considered by the Minister of Education; 3 months would be a realistic minimum.

Association of Proprietors of Integrated Schools website 

Other relevant information

If changes are required to existing school transport services for the increased number of students, contact your Ministry of Education school transport agent or visit our section on school transport.

School transport contacts

School transport

The process of change

The Ministry prepares a report for the Minister of Education seeking a decision on the proposed increase to the maximum roll. The Minister of Education considers all the information provided and makes a decision.

If an increase in the maximum roll is approved by the Minister, the proprietor is then asked to prepare 2 supplementary agreements and forward them to the Ministry of Education. Once these agreements have been signed, the new maximum roll becomes legal.

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