Injury and illness management

Notifiable events, notifiable illness or injury and incidents all require due care to ensure that you are meeting your requirements under the Health and Safety at Work Act 2015. These situations require reporting to Worksafe.

Notifiable events or illness

Descriptions of each type of situation as well as the reporting protocol are on Worksafe’s website.

Worksafe(external link)

Worksafe — Notifiable events forms(external link)

If the board or early learning service is still unsure whether to notify, contact Worksafe for guidance.

Key contacts

Emergency services: Phone 111

Worksafe: Phone WorkSafe: 0800 030 040

Tools and resources for schools

Example policy/procedure: Injury and incident management (Word version) [DOCX, 19 KB]

Tool 16 — Injury and incident reporting checklist (Word version) [DOCX, 19 KB]

Tool 17 — Injury or incident procedure [PDF, 87 KB]

Tool 18 — Causes or incidents and injuries checklist [PDF, 56 KB]

Tool 19 — Injury or incident investigation form (Word version) [DOCX, 17 KB]

Tool 20 — Notice of record of injury/notifiable event [PDF, 43 KB]

Tool 21 — Injury and incident board report (Word version) [DOCX, 15 KB]

Tools for early learning services

Tool 10 — Injury and incident reporting checklist [PDF, 73 KB]

Tool 11 — Injury and incident procedure flowchart [PDF, 49 KB]

Tool 12 — Injury and incident record [DOCX, 22 KB]

Tool 13 — Reporting notifiable events [PDF, 46 KB]

Tool 14 — Injury and incident report template (Word version) [DOCX, 12 KB]

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