Questions and answers

I am not currently attending a NZ school – can I participate?

If you are eligible to be enrolled in a NZ school as a current ākonga/student equivalent to Year 7-13 – yes you can!

This includes ākonga/students who may be between schools, excluded or alienated from their current school.

If you have left school under an early leaving exemption, are attending post-school training, learning or tertiary education or have finished formal schooling – unfortunately no.

I am currently learning by distance – how do I form a team?

Try contacting your enrolling school. You are welcome to use your own social networks to put a group together.

Why does a team have to have a minimum of 5 ākonga/students?

We want to provide a real-life opportunity to support ākonga/students to work together to come up with a solution that is designed to be used by all students across the country.

Your decision around who will form your group is a key consideration and reflects the day-to-day decisions of any business who is looking to use the skills of a team to ensure the solution they are working on will be of value and used by others.

If you are having trouble forming a team, please contact us for additional support.

Our whole class wants to enter as a single group. Is there an upper limit on the team size?


Do all ākonga/students have to be from the same year level?

No. We encourage cross-age level (and other innovative) collaboration at all stages of this competition.

See team information in the supporting notes and resources section for further suggestions.

Why do we have to nominate an adult supervisor/mentor?

To maintain the privacy of individual student participants, we will be using a key adult team co-ordinator contact for all communication during the competition.

We refer to this role as a team supervisor/mentor.

Does the team supervisor/mentor have to be part of my school?

No. You are welcome to find your team supervisor/mentor from anywhere as long as they are over the age of 18 years and agree to undertake the duties of this role.

It is important that your team is reliably supported by this person as they will receive all competition correspondence and updates and will be responsible for ensuring you are well supported to make your submission.

What are the duties of the team supervisor/mentor?

Please refer to supervisor/mentor information in the supporting notes and resources section.

Are team supervisor/mentor roles paid?

We do not expect this role to be paid.

What happens if we are having trouble finding a team supervisor/mentor?

Please contact the project team for support.

We may be able to link you with volunteer mentors.

What are the prizes?

We are finalising group and individual prizes with industry partners and will post these on the competition website.  

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