Education at off-site locations

Boards of trustees wanting to set up off-site delivery of education might need to get approval from the Ministry of Education. The approval and written agreement will set out who’s responsible for education at the off-site location, and who’s responsible for the welfare and safety of students there.

When approval is needed

An off-site location needs Ministry approval only if all of the following 5 points apply.

  1. One or more students enrolled at your school or another school will be using the site.
  2. Students will be educated at the site.
  3. The use of the off-site location is ongoing, not temporary.
  4. The site is separate from the school’s main delivery site (your usual address, which can include closely-located split sites such as a side school).
  5. There are 2 parties — your board whose students are going off-site, and the host party, which could be a subcontracted third party using its own or another site. Your board needs to provide evidence to us that the host agrees to the use.

The following document contains a full list of off-site locations that may or may not need our approval.

Providing education at off-site locations

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