Implementing the Health and Safety at Work Act — a guide for early learning services

High level information and tools to help you understand the basic requirements of the Health and Safety at Work Act 2015. This includes its regulations, the key requirements of a health and safety system, and what you need to do to implement good health and safety practices.

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  • All Early Learning Services
  • Boards
  • Proprietors

Download the full guide

Implementing the Health and Safety at Work Act — a guide for early learning services [PDF, 2.4 MB].

Or select from the following individual tools:

Tool 1: Checklist for engaging with workers on health and safety [PDF, 52 KB]

Tool 2: Health and safety representative list template [DOCX, 12 KB]

Tool 3: Health and safety committee agenda template [DOCX, 12 KB]

Tool 4: Health and safety committee meeting minutes template [DOCX, 11 KB]

Tool 5: Risk register template [DOCX, 17 KB]

Tool 6: Hazard checklist template [DOCX, 13 KB]

Tool 7: Risk management checklist [PDF, 51 KB]

Tool 8: Worker training and information checklist [PDF, 48 KB]

Tool 9: Worker health and safety training plan and record template [DOCX, 13 KB]

Tool 10: Injury and incident reporting checklist [PDF, 73 KB]

Tool 11: Injury and incident procedure flowchart

Tool 12: Injury and incident record [DOCX, 22 KB]

Tool 13: Reporting notifiable events [PDF, 46 KB]

Tool 14: Injury and incident report template [DOCX, 12 KB]

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