Dealing with emergencies and traumatic incidents

Know how to deal with a natural disaster, pandemic or other traumatic incidents with our information and resources.

Traumatic incidents

We have Traumatic Incident teams based in all learning support offices around the country.

Contact them at any time through your local learning support office or by phone.

Phone: 0800 TI Team (0800 848 326)

Learning support services

How we can help

Our Traumatic Incidents teams can:

  • help you develop appropriate processes for dealing with an incident to ensure the safety and well-being of your children/young people and staff and to return your early learning service or school to normal operations as quickly as possible.
  • help you understand the emotional and psychological impacts of a traumatic incident and the effects such impacts can have on how people behave, and advise you on things you can do to support people who have been involved in a traumatic incident.
  • advise you on how to communicate about the incident appropriately with your children/young people, staff, parents and the community — including the media.
  • link you with other appropriate services where necessary.

Our staff don’t provide counselling, but they may be able to help direct you to suitable counselling services.

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