Schools' annual report (annual financial statement)

The Annual report contains your school's audited annual financial statements. These show how the board has used its funds to achieve its charter goals. Your annual report must be submitted to the Ministry of Education by 31 May each year.

Model spreadsheet examples

Use the following appropriate Kiwi Park model spreadsheet to complete your annual report.


Note: 2019 models to be published shortly..

2019 Kiwi Park single school model

2019 Kiwi Park group model

2019 Kiwi Park model changes

2019 Kiwi Park single school model

2019 Kiwi Park group model

Board of trustees Full Time Equivalent Worksheet for the Kiwi Park financial statements model [XLSX, 78 KB]

TELA Lease worksheet [XLSX, 47 KB]

Annual report timeline

  • End of January — payroll end of year report and error schedules available to schools.
  • February/March — board approves the draft annual report to send to your auditor.
  • 31 March — draft reports need to be with your auditor.
  • April/May — the board needs to sign the statement of responsibility. Your auditor will sign the audit report after the financial statements and statement of responsibility are signed by the board.
  • 31 May — deadline for the annual report and audited financial statements to be submitted to the Ministry.
  • As soon as possible after the audit is complete, the board must ensure its annual report is available to the public on an Internet site maintained by or on behalf of the board.

Annual report checklist

Make sure that you can check off each of the following items before you send your Annual Report to the Ministry.


Analysis of variance



List of board of trustees members and the dates they go out of office



Statement on Kiwisport funding



Financial statements attached (all pages — please check)                



Statement of Responsibility signed and dated



Audit report (not the management letter) signed and dated


Our Education Circular 2018/04 has additional useful information.

Circular 2018/04 — Annual Reporting Circular

Use the School Data Portal to send us your annual report.

Log on page — School Data Portal (external link)

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