Provisional roll review

If a school meets the below criteria for reviewing a provisional roll, they can request a review by following the outlined process for doing so.

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  • Principals and Tumuaki
  • Administrators
  • Boards

Schools can choose to apply for a review of the provisional roll that the Ministry uses to calculate their provisional staffing entitlement.

Apply for a review of your provisional resourcing roll

Your board can apply for a review of the provisional roll we used to calculate your provisional staffing entitlement for 2021.

You need to demonstrate that our estimate of your resourcing roll is at least 5% at variance with your prediction. We need clear evidence that supports this variance before we’ll consider approving a change. For example, provide us with evidence of actual enrolments for next year.

Application period

The application period for the provisional roll reviews starts from September each year.  The 2021 reviews start from 19th of September until the 20th of November 2020.

Provisional roll review form [DOCX, 77 KB]

If you're a primary school, intermediate school or restricted composite school, submit your review form to your Local Ministry offices.

If you're a secondary school, composite school or specialist school, submit your review form to Resourcing Division, Ministry of Education.

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