School staffing

This directory provides and overview of staffing entitlements, operational funding allowances, the funding cycle and additional supports.

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Boards are responsible for school staffing and manage the finances of their schools. This guidance supports boards in that role. Further reading is essential.

About school staffing

Each year, an Education (School Staffing) Order in Council(external link) is made under section 582 of the Education and Training Act 2020(external link).

The order establishes the entitlements and limitations on staffing for schools. Teachers’ collective agreements also help determine some staffing provisions.

You can use the School staffing calculator(external link) to estimate your school’s staffing entitlement.

School staffing consists of entitlement staffing, and some or all of the following.

  • Special education staffing – Ongoing Resourcing Scheme (ORS)
  • Additional staffing 
  • Staffing transfers 
  • Teacher-specific staffing allowances 
  • Staffing for attached units or attached teachers

Entitlement staffing

The entitlement staffing your school receives each year for employing teachers and its components, including:

  • curriculum staffing
  • management staffing
  • guidance staffing, salary units, and
  • senior and middle management allowances.

Entitlement staffing

Operational funding

Your board can also employ teachers from operational funding and any funds your school raises locally.

Employing teachers from operational funding comes with financial risks and conditions that must be met. The board is responsible for planning, budgeting, and monitoring any additional teaching resource carefully to avoid financial risk.

Employing teachers from operational funding

Banking staffing

How to time the use of your staffing entitlement, including the rules you must follow, and how to monitor your usage of banking staffing.

Banking staffing

Staffing cycle

Summary of the school staffing cycle, and information about:

  • the provisional staffing round
  • the provisional roll review
  • 1 March confirmation process, and
  • permanent appointments.

The Staffing Cycle

Surplus staffing support

What to do if you get a reduction in your staffing entitlement – information, criteria and timelines for surplus staffing support.

Surplus staffing support for reduction in staffing entitlement

Staffing allowances

The kinds of staff allowances you may have on top of your staffing entitlement.

School staffing

School staffing is made up of your school’s entitlement and additional staffing allowances.

Other staff can be some or all of the following:

  • special education staffing – Ongoing Resourcing Scheme (ORS) resourcing
  • additional staffing
  • staffing transfer(s)
  • teacher-specific staffing allowances
  • staffing for attached units or attached teachers.

Teacher-specific staffing allowances

The allowances that boards can receive for teachers with specified entitlements or requirements.

Teacher-specific staffing allowances

Additional staffing

Allowances for additional staffing, funded by the Ministry on top of entitlement staffing.

Additional staffing

Staffing transfer agreements

Staffing transfer agreements for making use of specialist staff in other schools, including new and recurring agreements, and updating and ending agreements.

Boards can transfer staffing entitlements of full-time teacher equivalents (FTTEs), salary units, senior management allowances, and middle management allowances.

Staffing transfers

Get help and information

Who to contact for help with staffing entitlements, allowances, and processes.

Who to contact for staffing queries

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