Operations grant entitlement and instalment notices

Your operations grant entitlement notice says how much operational funding your school receives. Your operations grant instalment notice says how much each quarterly instalment is.

Entitlement notices

Each year in September, we send your school a provisional operations grant entitlement notice that shows your operational funding entitlements for the coming year.

We recalculate your funding during the year to get your final amount. If any of your operational funding components change, we issue a revised entitlement notice.

Operational funding components

During the school year, we pay your operations grant in quarterly instalments. You’ll receive an operations grant instalment notice for each instalment. For the timetable, go to when operational funding is paid.

Operational funding payments

About your operations grant entitlement notice

Your operations grant entitlement notice:

  • shows the total amount of your operations grant 
  • lists the funding you’ll receive for each of the operational funding components that your school is eligible for.

How to read your entitlement notice

For schools with Year 1-8 students

Once your board of trustees has received its first entitlement notice, the details on pages 1 and 2 remain the same on the instalment notices that follow. Any recalculations for the year appear from page 3 onward.

For schools with Year 9-13 students

Your quarterly entitlement notice shows your entitlements for the quarter being paid and any adjustments for changes in previous quarters.

The following document may help you understand this notice.

How to read your operations grant entitlement notice [PDF, 184 KB] 

About your operations grant instalment notice

Your operations grant instalment notice shows the total amount of each quarterly operations grant instalment including any recalculations, adjustments and other payments added to your entitlement.

How to read your instalment notice

For schools with year 9 to 13 students

How to read your operations grant instalment notice [PDF, 103 KB]

When you’ll receive a remittance advice

We issue a remittance advice each time an operational funding payment is made outside of the quarterly instalments (as no instalment notice is issued for these payments).

What to do with your notices

For audit purposes, you must keep all of your school’s operational funding entitlement and instalment notices, including remittance advice notices.

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