Maintenance funding for integrated schools

The board of trustees of integrated schools receive Ministry funding to maintain school sites, buildings and services. It can only be used on integrated property.

Paying to maintain integrated property

The Ministry provides funding to the board of trustees of integrated schools to maintain their integrated school property, including buildings, furniture and equipment.

The board must manage this funding. It's for maintenance work costing under $5000, such as:

  • painting
  • fixing broken equipment
  • minor repairs to buildings and infrastructure (for example, repairing a broken water pipe).

What you can use maintenance funding for

You should use Policy One funding to pay for capital work over $5,000 that will create a new asset, or improve or replace an existing asset. Any work costing less than $5,000 is treated as an expense (operating cost) and you should pay for this using your maintenance funding.

Policy One funding for capital work at integrated schools

Receiving maintenance funding

Maintenance funding is paid as part of a school’s operational funding. The amount is based on the amount of integrated property.

You can view the details of your annual Property Maintenance Grant on the Property Portal.

We pay this funding directly into your school’s bank account in quarterly instalments. The Property Maintenance Grant notices are updated in December (indicative) and July (actual) each year.  For more information contact your Property Advisor.

Paying to maintain board or community property

Boards must use their own funding to pay for the maintenance of property paid for with:

  • the board’s funding, or
  • funding provided by the community.

This can include fundraising or surplus operational funding.

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