Symantec Endpoint Security license

The free antivirus software is available to all state and state-integrated schools. Independent schools can contact Datacom to access pricing options.

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  • Principals and Tumukai
  • Teachers and Kaiako
  • School ICT Specialist
  • Boards
  • Administrators
  • External ICT Providers

Schools should contact Datacom to access the free antivirus software, to protect their ICT network.

Software included in the Agreement

Symantec provides the Ministry of Education's antivirus software for schools, Symantec Endpoint Protection (SEP) or now also known as Symantec Endpoint Security.

The current version is SEP 14, or the new cloud edition of ‘Symantec Endpoint Security’ (formerly SEP 15.) and the following link confirms what versions are supported.

End of Standard Support Life – Symantec website(external link)

Schools covered by the Agreement

The Agreement covers the cost of SEP antivirus licenses for all New Zealand state and state-integrated schools.

Independent schools can also contact Datacom to access education pricing options.


Duration of the Symantec license rights 

The new Agreement with Symantec runs through to 31 December 2021.

Protection provided by Symantec

Go to the Symantec website to confirm the components of the Symantec Endpoint Protection/Security and download the datasheet.

Symantec website(external link)

It contains protections for all phases of the attack lifecycle:

  • Pre-Attack – Attack Surface Reduction
  • Attack – Attack Prevention
  • Breach – Breach Prevention
  • Post Breach – Response and Remediation

Platforms Symantec covers

Symantec is compatible with:

  • Microsoft Windows desktops and servers
  • Novell desktops and servers
  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux servers
  • SuSE LINUX servers
  • Macintosh operating systems.

Call the ICT Helpdesk for the latest information about platforms supported by Symantec.

Freecall (NZ only): 0800 225 5428

If you use Smart-Net servers

Smart Computer Systems Ltd has a range of options for schools using Smart-Net servers.

Smart Computer Systems website(external link)

How to get SEP or Symantec Endpoint Security

Datacom manages each school’s enrolment for the Ministry under the New Zealand School Agreement.

Home use of SEP or Symantec Endpoint Security

If a staff member uses their home computer mostly for school business, they can install SEP on that computer.

And if a computer is owned or leased by the school and used for school work, staff and students can use SEP; it will have been installed on that machine.

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