Novell software for schools

How to get Novell software for your school, the products available, and how to get support and training.

Software company Micro Focus is now the Novell software provider under the Novell NZ Agreement.

The schools covered

The Ministry covers the cost of the included software for computers in all state and state-integrated schools.

Duration of the Novell Agreement 

The Ministry’s agreement with Micro Focus for Novell software is in effect from now until 30 June 2021.

Software included

The Agreement licenses previous and current versions of the following software can be found on the Micro Focus website.

Open Workgroup Suite(external link)

NetIQ Access Manager(external link)

NetIQ Identity Manager(external link)

ZENworks Mobile Device Management(external link)

Endpoint Lifecycle Management Suite(external link)

Novell no longer maintains some software

Two previously licensed products are no longer maintained under the Novell NZ Agreement:

1. Border Manager: this product has reached end of support. You can upgrade to Novell Open Enterprise Server.

Novell Open Enterprise Server  Micro Focus website(external link)

2. Storage Manager: withdrawn as product, is not in use.

You can, however, continue using your currently installed version of these 2 products for as long as you wish. Visit the Micro Focus website for more information about these products.

Micro Focus website(external link)

How to get Novell software for existing users

Datacom distributes and supports the Novell School Software Agreement. Contact Datacom to link your school to the Ministry’s new account on the Novell software portal, providing you with ongoing access to software downloads.

Freecall (NZ only): 0800 Call ICT (0800 225 542)


How to access Novell software for new users

1. If your school doesn’t have a Novell account, create an account on the Micro Focus website.

Create an account  Micro Focus website(external link)

2. You’ll get an email from Micro Focus confirming your username and password.

3. Go to the Micro Focus Customer Center webpage and log into your account using your new user name and password.

Login  Micro Focus website(external link)

4. Select the Ministry of Education from the drop-down menu next to ‘Select an organisation to manage’. Enter the following account details:

Customer number: 10265217
Site number: 6595913
Contract number: 7379481

Ministry of Education New Zealand
33 Bowen Street
Wellington 6011
New Zealand

5. Select ’My products’ from the Customer Centre Home menu on the left. You’ll get a full list of the available software.

6. Single click on the software required and a list of the available versions, patches and maintenance will appear.

7. Double click the required item and follow the on-screen prompts to download the required software.

Help with installation and software use

The ICT Helpdesk gives free help with installation and software problems by phone and email.

Freecall (NZ only): 0800 Call ICT (0800 225 542)


On-site technical support is available on an as agreed basis.

Training for Novell software

Find out about free training and training resources for Novell software.

Academic Training Partner Program  Micro Focus website(external link)

Access an online Knowledge Base, general user support and software documentation through the Micro Focus forum.

Micro Focus forums  Micro Focus Novell website(external link)

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