Forms for assistive technology

The following forms and information sheets can help when considering applying for, or supporting assistive technology use in your school.

Level of compliance Main audience Other


  • Teachers and Kaiako
  • Principals and Tumuaki
  • Specialist Staff
  • Parents, Caregivers and Whānau
  • Boards

Many of the forms on this index page must be completed and submitted in order for a school to receive and appropriately manage assistive technology for their students.

Form Used Further information
Assistive technology form - Assessment and application(external link) [DOCX, 113 KB] By schools to apply for assistive technology

Applying for assistive technology

Assistive technology form  Transfer [DOCX, 77 KB] By schools, if the student changes schools or the student leaves school. Also when equipment is no longer required When a student transfers or leaves school
Assistive technology form  Repair or replacement [DOCX, 88 KB] By school when the Ministry funded assistive technology requires repairs or replacement Loss, repairs and maintenance of equipment
Assistive technology template  Management plan [DOCX, 73 KB] By schools to plan for the safety, care and management of the allocated assistive technology Setting up and managing the assistive technology
Assistive technology form  Variation [DOCX, 52 KB] If there's a change in cost from a school's original application Applying for assistive technology
Assistive technology form  Training plan [DOCX, 74 KB] When very specialised Ministry funded assistive technology is requiring additional specialised training for use in the school Setting up and managing the assistive technology
Assistive technology form  Review [DOCX, 72 KB] By a school when the allocated assistive technology has been used by the student for 6 months or more

Assistive technology form  Loan [DOCX, 72 KB] When our assistive technology is on loan to your school, for trial, as part of the assistive technology assessment/application process for a particular student



Assistive technology  Auditory Processing Disorder application form [DOCX, 106 KB] By school when their student has an audiologists diagnosis of APD and requires assistive technology to support learning in school Auditory Processing Disorder (APD)
Assistive technology application form  Joint funding [DOCX, 103 KB] To apply for joint funding (between the Ministry of Education and Ministry of Health)

Applying for assistive technology

Joint Funding Information sheet [DOCX, 392 KB]

Application forms for specialist use only

Assistive technology  Furniture application form (Occupational Therapy and Physiotherapy use only) [DOCX, 107 KB] [DOCX, 171 KB]

Assistive technology  Hearing application form (for AoDC or Resource Teacher of the Deaf use only) [DOCX, 96 KB]

Assistive technology  Vision application form (for Resource Teacher Vision use only) [DOCX, 128 KB]

Assistive technology  Vision application form (for Resource Teacher Vision use only(external link) [DOCX, 128 KB]

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