Cyber security in schools

Welcome to our online security hub for schools and kura

Here you will find all the information you need to help you to ensure that your school or kura is cyber secure and protected from potential cyber attacks.

Cyber attacks are becoming an increasing threat to schools/kura, with some schools having been impacted already by a cyber attack. With the increased need for schools to shore-up their defences to cyber nasties, the Ministry of Education have established a new team dedicated to helping schools improve their cyber security.

A successful cyber attack may mean that schools/kura are locked out of their systems and devices or have confidential data lost, stolen or sold.  While this is obviously very disruptive for day-to-day school operations and student learning, the after-effects of a cyber attack can last for some time as schools recover.

Why cyber security matters to schools and kura

Cyber attacks affect schools in New Zealand frequently. These attacks are becoming more sophisticated all the time – and less discerning about their targets. The attacker's aim is usually to try and get as much sensitive information as they can by any means possible. 

You might wonder what your school or kura would have that's worth compromising your systems to steal, but remember that all schools hold: 

  • private personal information about students, their families, their health and their educational achievements 
  • financial information 
  • passwords that might be reused elsewhere 
  • files and records for teachers, staff, and students. 

By supporting schools and kura with simple preventative actions, the chances of schools/kura facing cyber attack disruption will be significantly reduced.

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