Charter Schools Policy Development

Background papers on policy development for Partnership schools kura hourua (charter schools) are published here.

Ongoing policy development

Policy development after the original implementation of the Charter School model.

Aide Memoire: PEP offer to Round 3 and 4 Partnership Schools and draft letter from the Ministry to all sponsors to update on the Contract Review [PDF, 3.2 MB]

Discussion Document: Partnership Schools Expansion Funding [PDF, 1 MB]

Briefing Note: Partnership School Kura Hourua Contract Accountability Enhancements [PDF, 1 MB]

Discussion Document: Potential Change in Establishment Property Funding for Partnership Schools [PDF, 920 KB]

Briefing Note: Lease costs compared to Partnership School Property Funding — Update [PDF, 688 KB]

Briefing Note: Profile of students attending Partnerships Schools | Kura Hourua in 201 [PDF, 179 KB]

Discussions Document: Cashed-up funding for Partnership Schools | Kura Hourua for centrally funded support [PDF, 696 KB]

Discussion Document: Priority Learners for Partnership Schools [PDF, 1.7 MB]

Discussions Document: Priority Learners for Partnerships Schools – Further Advice [PDF, 1.3 MB]

Briefing Note: Partnership School Property Funding – Formulae Comparisons [PDF, 922 KB]

Cabinet Paper: Selection of Round 4 Partnership Schools Kura Hourua (PSKH) to proceed into contract negotiations, approval process for Round 5 and minor operational policy changes [PDF, 5.8 MB]

Briefing for meeting on Partnership Schools on 16 February 2015 [PDF, 98 KB]

Education Report: Extending Eligibility for Gateway Funding to PSKH [PDF, 222 KB]

Education Report: Further Advice on Tertiary Education Institutions as Sponsors of PSKH [PDF, 5.5 MB]

Cabinet Paper: Further application rounds for partnership schools [PDF, 1 MB]

Establishment of a Support Entity for Partnership Schools

Education Report: Partnership Schools | Kura Hourua Sponsor Support [PDF, 2.8 MB]

Education Report: Advice on establishing a Support Entity for Partnership Schools [PDF, 607 KB]

Briefing: Options and process for identifying a suitable Support Entity [PDF, 201 KB]

Education Report: Proposal from E Tipu E Rea [PDF, 2.4 MB]

Funding agreement with E Tipu E Rea [PDF, 307 KB]

Martin Jenkins Evaluation 2014 - 2017

Phase 1 report is on the Education Counts website(external link)

Phase 2 report is on the Education Counts website(external link)

February 2017: Release of Second Annual Interim Evaluation Report — PSKH (Ed Report) [PDF, 9.7 MB]

Education Report: Release of the Martin Jenkins Innovation Evaluation Report on Partnership Schools [PDF, 769 KB]

Follow-up on the Authorisation Board’s concerns re PSKH Evaluation [PDF, 272 KB]

Authorisation Board correspondence about the evaluation [PDF, 154 KB]

Evaluation plan: Partnership School | Kura Hourua policy [PDF, 3.3 MB]

Phase 3 report is on the Education Counts website(external link)

Education Report: Multi-year Evaluation of Partnership Schools Kura Hourua Policy — Summary of Findings Across Years [PDF, 675 KB]

Funding model and contract review 2015

Cabinet Minute: Partnership Schools | Kura Hourua — monitoring and evaluation, proposed new funding model, operational review, and further application round [PDF, 182 KB]

Cabinet Paper: Partnership Schools | Kura Hourua — monitoring and evaluation, proposed new funding model, operational review, and further application round [PDF, 1 MB]

Education Report: Proposed Changes to Partnership Schools Funding Model [PDF, 402 KB]

Education Report: Partnership Schools Draft Agreement [PDF, 203 KB]

Briefing: Summary of advice on changes to the PSKH funding model, application process, and timeline [PDF, 393 KB]

Briefing: PSKH Contract Review — Options for known issues [PDF, 267 KB]

Briefing: PSKH funding model review: further advice on the teaching and operating rate [PDF, 636 KB]

Briefing: PSKH —  Cash for Buildings and Lease Cost Sensitivity [PDF, 197 KB]

Briefing: Further advice on Partnership schools property funding [PDF, 806 KB]

Education report: PSKH Work programme update — funding model, contract review and round three applications [PDF, 473 KB]

Working paper: Scope of PSKH funding model review [PDF, 299 KB]

Briefing: Process and timeline for immediate Partnership Schools work programme [PDF, 795 KB]

Current PSKH resourcing model [PDF, 563 KB]

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