Round 1 - Partnership Schools Applications Phase

This section includes documents relating to the release of the Request for Applications, and the applications that were long-listed by the Authorisation Board.

On 5 March 2013 the Ministry of Education released the Request for Application to operate a Partnership School opening in 2014. The application closed 16 April 2013. Thirty seven organisations submitted applications by this date, of which 35 were taken forward for evaluation.

Applicants were required to demonstrate their school would be well-run, well-connected with their community, and deliver strong academic outcomes.

The Authorisation Board is a statutory advisory group, pursuant to section 158C of the Education Act 1989. The role of the Authorisation Board in the application process included: to evaluate the applications to operate Partnership Kura, and to provide advice and recommend to the Minister which applications should be considered for approval.

All 35 applications were assessed by the Authorisation Board and the Ministry of Education against set criteria. The Authorisation Board closely examined the applications and determined the long-list of 17 applicants. The applications submitted by the 35 applicants are available below, including any supplementary information that was provided.

Information Withheld

Information has been withheld from these documents to protect personal privacy, and where its release would unreasonably prejudice a person’s or organisation’s commercial position. Some applications also contain page numbering breaks as Curriculum Vitae and financial documents have been removed to reduce file size.

The five successful Partnership Schools and Sponsors were:

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