Holidays Act remediation – first payment

We have made a remediation payment towards Holidays Act arrears for most current school employees on 27 June 2023. 


While we continue work to fully address Holidays Act errors, we are making a series of payments based on initial estimates. This means some of the money owed can be paid sooner.


To reach the most people, the first payment focused on: 

  • sick leave, public holidays, bereavement leave and family violence leave for current school employees (except short-term relief teachers) 
  • public holidays on days that would otherwise be working days for short-term relief teachers.  

It covered the period from 4 September 2013 to 27 January 2022.


School employees receiving a payment 

Around 75% of current school employees received a payment in this round.  

Of those receiving a payment: 

  • 73% received less than $500 
  • 49% received less than $200 
  • 34% received less than $100 
  • 23% received less than $50. 

This was included with employees' normal pay on Tuesday 27 June 2023. 

School employees not receiving a payment 

Around 25% of current school employees did not receive a payment in this remediation round. 

If you didn’t receive a payment, there could be a several reasons. For example: 

  • you may not be due a Holidays Act payment, or 
  • you might be owed a payment for a different leave type, or for an error outside the period covered by this payment. 

You are more likely to be owed Holidays Act remediation if you have: 

  • worked roster or shift arrangements 
  • been a casual employee 
  • received allowances or worked additional hours or overtime 
  • changed work patterns, for example, from full time to part time.  

We will not be able to confirm whether or not you are owed Holidays Act remediation until we have completed further calculations to fully address historic Holidays Act errors.  

Former school employees 

This payment did not cover former school employees. Remediation to former employees will be paid at a later date.

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Holidays Act non-compliance

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Keeping yourself safe from phishing scams 

Phishing is when someone uses an email, text or phone call to try to get access to sensitive information (like bank account numbers and passwords). 

For schools payroll remediation payments, we will never ask you for your bank account login or password. The information you receive from us will direct you to the Ministry of Education’s website. 

Phishing scammers will claim to be from a legitimate organisation, and often have email addresses or websites that look very real. They'll often ask you to claim a prize, check your details, or tell you that your account is expiring or needs to be checked. 

Email phishing scams – Netsafe(external link)

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