Pourato is the new Ministry of Education online resourcing system.

Pourato provides an online view of resourcing for schools and kura, making it easier and faster to review changes and track resourcing information.

Pourato will replace the resourcing information schools and kura currently receive through the Secure Data Portal (SDP).

In future, funding for early learning services will also be available in Pourato.

What will Pourato do?

It will:

  • calculate operational resourcing for schools and kura.
  • provide online access to resourcing information online.

Key benefits:

  • Easier to view and understand entitlements in one place: makes it faster to see core funding and staffing information.
  • Easier to track changes: ability to view why and how funding and staffing entitlements have changed.
  • Easier to get updates online:  an email notification will prompt schools to check Pourato for a change to the status of their resourcing information.
  • Easier to align information: when users contact the Ministry for support, both parties will be viewing the same and latest funding and staffing information. This will make it easier to provide schools and kura the support they need.

How can schools and kura access Pourato?

Pourato users in schools and kura can access Pourato via their Education Sector Login (ESL)

Pourato provides resourcing information in one place. This includes funding, staffing entitlements, roll numbers and a breakdown of payments for the school year. Additional functionality will be added during 2023.

Pourato is not related to the payroll system and will not affect the pay teachers receive.

Education Resourcing System (ERS)

ERS will continue to be used to request Additional Relief Teacher Funding (ARTF) for schools, Jury service payments, and for playgroup operational funding. Eventually this functionality will be incorporated into Pourato.

Because Pourato will be used alongside the existing Education Resourcing System (ERS), schools and kura will continue to receive email notifications when payments have been made from both systems.

For the early learning sector

Pourato will be extended to the early learning sector. Updates will be provided in due course on when it will be available.

Playgroups will continue to use the ERS for operational funding until further notice.

Meaning of Pourato

The name Pourato reflects the purpose of the system. The first part ‘pou’ means direct, guide or support; the second part ‘rato’ means to provide, service or distribute.

Pronunciation Guide

Pou as in ‘dough’ or ‘poh’
Ra as in ‘far’ or ‘rah’
To as in ‘taw’ (rhymes with claw)


Listening to the sector

Pourato is all about improving how we deliver resourcing to education providers, so we want to hear your feedback.

The sector can give feedback by emailing: pourato@education.govt.nz

Pourato updates

Education providers will be updated on enhancements to Pourato through the School Bulletin and Early Learning Bulletin. Updates may also be provided through email or the local Te Mahau office and Education Advisors.

Further information

If you have any questions about Pourato email pourato@education.govt.nz.

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