Strategies for Literacy and Mathematics & Statistics

A crucial aspect of the New Zealand Curriculum (NZC) refresh, and the goal of refreshing the teaching and learning experience itself is the development of updated and refreshed strategies for mathematics and literacy, Te Reo Matatini me Pāngarau.

National and international studies, assessments and monitoring have demonstrated a decline in New Zealand primary and secondary learners’ achievements in mathematics and literacy when compared to students in other, similar education systems.

The Ministry of Education has begun a process of system-wide action to ensure that all learners achieve and progress in mathematics and literacy as foundational learning and as part of a rich curriculum experience which grows and sustains their own wellbeing and that of their whānau and communities.

The development of the refreshed strategies is working alongside and integrated with initiatives such as the National Education Learning Priorities (NELP), Ka Hikitia, and the Action Plan for Pacific Education. This work has strong linkages to mahi underway across the Ministry and in the wider sector including the NCEA literacy and numeracy co-requisite, School Entry Kete, Early Learning Action Plan and the Learning Support Action Plan. Cohesion is a critical factor in achieving appropriate and meaningful outcomes for all learners.

A significant programme of work has been taking place to support the strategy development. Much of the preparatory work and thinking has been done in the past year in an environment, due to COVID-19, where the Ministry was unable to engage with the wider sector as much as we would have liked.

This year we are moving forward with the engagement that will provide much needed input to the development of the strategies. The preliminary research and fact-finding analysis has been designed to give us a basis upon which to start our discussion, involving structured hui and discussion forums with wide-ranging interest groups, which will provide the opportunity to “have a say”.

We are now ready to seek the views and ideas of the sector and the community to enable us to gather information, advice and input to help formulate the strategies to take forward. We can only make progress when we are able to take advantage of the full range of viewpoints and experiences.

The process of gathering information and stakeholder voice will continue through May and June to ensure a wide cross-section of views.

Briefing Note: Update on initiatives in Primary-Level Literacy [PDF, 1.3 MB]

Briefing Note: Strengthening literacy and te reo matatini [PDF, 2.3 MB]

Briefing Note: Developing strategies for te reo matatini, pāngarau, literacy and mathematics [PDF, 780 KB]

Education Report: Developing te reo matatini and literacy strategies [PDF, 4.1 MB]

Education Report: Developing Mathematics and Pāngarau Strategies [PDF, 962 KB]

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