Who we’re working with

We’re setting up a number of collaborative groups to work with us to refresh The New Zealand Curriculum, and on the wider curriculum work programme.

The Curriculum Voices Group ─ NZC

This group of around 65 people provides diverse perspectives and feedback on design, development, and implementation of the refreshed curriculum, as well as on wider initiatives to support teaching and learning. It gives guidance and recommendations on the support teachers, leaders, learners and whānau will need.

The group includes educators from primary, intermediate and secondary schools in communities across Aotearoa, as well as representatives from education unions and professional bodies, the tertiary education sector and other education agencies. It also includes representatives from the Office of the Children’s Commissioner and Office for Disability Issues, as well as multiple community groups.

The Curriculum Voices Group will meet approximately every two months for the duration of the curriculum refresh.

Attendees of the first Curriculum Voices Group – NZC meeting at Pipitea Marae on

Curriculum Voices Group members [DOCX, 33 KB]

Curriculum Voices Group terms of reference [PDF, 396 KB]

Writing groups

These small groups design and produce curriculum content, along with supports for implementation. We started with Aotearoa New Zealand’s histories and in 2021 we have set up a writing group for the Social Sciences learning area. In 2022 we will set up writing groups for the English, Mathematics and Science learning areas.

Working groups

These small groups work with us to design and produce specific content or resources.

The first of these, the Bicultural and Inclusive Framework Working group, ensures that the refreshed NZC is bicultural and inclusive and that it values the identities, languages and cultures of all ākonga. It works together with content writers to ensure coherence across the entire curriculum.

BAIF working group

Bicultural and Inclusive Framework Working Group members [DOCX, 174 KB]

Youth Advisory Group

We are also working with the Minister of Education’s Youth Advisory Group to co-design the refreshed Vision for Young People.

Youth Advisory Group

Review and testing

There will be opportunities for you to be involved in reviewing or testing draft content. We’ll update our website and social media to let you know when you can get involved, or you can email us at nationalcurriculum.refresh@education.govt.nz

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