The Charter School Agency

Charter schools will be part of the publicly funded education system but will operate independently within it.

To recognise this, a departmental agency (the Charter School Agency) will be set up on 1 July 2024 to implement and support the new charter school model. 

The agency will be led by a chief executive. It will be a separate entity with a small number of staff and will get most of its services from the Ministry of Education.  

Setting up the agency

We are taking a staged approach to set up the agency. On 1 July, the agency will be able to engage with stakeholders, including those who may be interested in applying to be charter schools and help to respond to enquiries.

It will also work alongside the Ministry to implement the charter school model and perform the secretariat function.  


When it is fully operational, the agency’s responsibilities will include:  

  • being the secretariat for the authorisation board 
  • contracting with school sponsors 
  • providing an account for what has been achieved with contracts 
  • providing advice to the authorisation board on interventions with schools 
  • working with other statutory bodies 
  • advising ministers.

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