Thousands of New Zealanders have their say in Education Conversation survey

Almost 16,500 New Zealanders, from all walks of life, have responded to the Education Conversation | Kōrero Mātauranga online survey.

The survey, open between 23 March and 31 October, asked respondents for their views on what was the first thing they would do if they were the boss of education, and on what should change so every learner can succeed.

This level of public participation in the future of education is unparalleled. In fact, over 43,000 people have responded to either the survey, or to the various reviews such as those of the NCEA, Early Learning and Tomorrow’s Schools.

This is a great response and the Ministry is keen to continue the conversation and deliver on the changes that the participants want to see.

In the online survey, and in the various reviews to date, New Zealanders broadly want an education system that: 

  • is learner-centered and where all learners have their unique identity and culture valued
  • builds shared ownership of learning with whānau at the centre
  • ensures equity, with all learners having equal opportunity to learn throughout life
  • is resourced to meet diverse learners needs
  • sees more learning based on lifelong transferrable competencies, values and skills, such as wellbeing, care, empathy, and collaboration
  • focuses more on practical life skills, such as driving, managing money, and fluency in te reo
  • encourages creativity and critical thinking, as well as resilience, perseverance and flexibility

We have a lot more listening to do in 2019 on matters such as the NCEA and the future governance and management of schooling as part of the Tomorrow’s Schools review.

But, thanks to the great response to the survey, the various reviews, and to our wānanga and fono meetings on education, we have a sound foundation to begin to shape a future education system based on equity and excellence for all New Zealand’s children and young people. 

Numbers at a glance

  • 16, 465 New Zealanders completed the Ministry of Education’s online education survey between 23 March and 31 October 2018.
  • At least 75% of respondents were female.
  • 1,928 respondents were children or young people (18 or under).
  • 12.2% of respondents were Māori.
  •  7.2% of respondents were from Pacific communities.
  •  Just over 29% of responses came from Auckland, next highest was 15.5% from Wellington.






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