Te reo Māori language teaching has a positive future

The Ministry is well-advanced in addressing concerns outlined in Te Tāmata Huaroa, a report released by ERO today.

The Ministry also acknowledges the way ahead is to work in partnership with iwi, whānau, school leaders and communities.

Deputy Secretary of Māori Education, Daryn Bean, says while he’s proud of the position the Ministry is in, there’s still more to be done to improve the provision of te reo Māori.

“Te Tāmata Huaroa raises an important issue of workforce capacity. On one hand the Ministry has been doing things to meet this gap through programmes like Te Ahu o Te Reo Māori, but we also recognise we need to step up our recruitment efforts,” says Daryn.

“We are encouraged schools want to improve their provision of te reo Māori.”

Shortly the Ministry we will be publicly releasing updated versions of Ka Hikitia and Tau Mai Te Reo. These are two key strategies that bring all these issues Te Tāmata Huaroa has raised into sharp focus and provides a framework for the whole of the education sector, iwi, whānau and communities to be talking and working together to improve educational outcomes for Māori learners and those learning primarily in te reo Māori.

Read the Te Tāmata Huaroa report: Te Reo Māori in English-medium Schooling - Education Review Office(external link)

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