Nationwide alert system for COVID-19

The Prime Minister has introduced a nationwide alert system for Covid-19.

You can read more about it on the Covid-19 website.

COVID Alert levels(external link) 

We are at alert level 2. At alert level 2 schools and early childhood centres remain open, but will be closed if there is a case of Covid-19 that affects them. This will be for a defined period based on health advice to undertake contact tracing and other activities. This means our current practice does not change.  We will continue to apply our decision making tool to assess what actions are needed.

Read more about the tool(external link) 

Schools and early childhood centres remain safe for your children and for teachers. The best defence continues to be good hygiene practice and physical distancing.

The most up to date advice is available from the Ministry of Health.

Ministry of Health(external link)

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