Ministry response to news coverage of IDC survey

You may have seen a news item regarding a survey undertaken by the Ministry in association with International Data Company (IDC).

We take cybersecurity and the protection of data very seriously.

In the interests of transparency and to provide assurance that no student or school data has been compromised, we have posted our response to questions, provided further information from the office of IDC (NZ), and a summary of the anonymised, aggregated data that was shared with the Ministry.

Ministry Statements

In February 2018 Boards and school staff were invited to participate in a voluntary survey conducted by IDC regarding the use of digital devices.

Individual responses were confidential. Schools were informed that anonymised data from any school that volunteered to participate would be shared with the Ministry of Education and technology providers. We are confident the anonymised data was managed in the way that IDC described.

NZEI raised concerns in late 2018 and early 2019. These were about allowing broader access to the results, and the transparency of the process. We addressed this with them. This included informing NZEI that that we would gain more benefit in future if the data was under our direct control.

If required, please attribute statement to Stuart Wakefield, Chief Digital Officer

"We had an agreement with IDC to undertake a voluntary survey about BYOD in 2018. It complied with NZ commercial and privacy laws.

Our agreement, only allows analysis of anonymous, aggregated data to be shared.

It would be misleading to say that the Ministry of Education has breached the privacy of an individual or school community.

Please contact IDC for any information about data they hold and to who they may have provided that anonymous, aggregated analysis to."

Further information provided by IDC NZ

IDC NZ has an established practice in NZ for over 25 years.

Anonymous aggregated trends were provided by the NZ office of IDC with the NZ offices of Google and Microsoft. No data was provided to any other source.

If any Boards, Principals or school communities have any concerns regarding this matter, please contact the Office of the Chief Data Officer on 

IDC Education Survey Report [PDF, 790 KB]

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