Extension of school trustee voting deadlines

Secretary for Education Iona Holsted will approve extensions to school trustee 2019 election processes to 12 June or later if schools think an extension is required to ensure parents’ votes are included.

Voting day for the three-yearly school trustee elections is 7 June 2019 for many schools.

Parents either deliver their voting papers by hand to their school by midday on the due date, or post them by mail.

If voting papers are posted before the end of Thursday 6 June, they will be date stamped and will be counted as a valid vote as long as they arrive before 12 June 2019.

"However some schools may have experienced delays or other issues and they will be able to apply for an extension to their voting deadline", Ms Holsted said.

"If that is the case they should contact the Ministry of Education at trustee.elections@education.govt.nz to ask for an extension to the period for voting.

My team has checked the legal advice and there is no requirement to restart the election process.

I will be asking NZSTA to advise all schools today of the advice above."

If you need advice or support for other matters during the trustee elections, you can contact NZSTA:

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