Expanding initiatives to get young people into vocational careers

The Government is expanding two initiatives for school students aimed at getting more young people into vocational careers.

From next year there will be 2,000 more Trades Academy places, and up to 2,000 more places for Gateway.

  • Trades Academies allow secondary students to take on full-time study that combines school, tertiary and/or work-based learning.
  • Gateway enables secondary school students to undertake structured work-based learning and gain exposure to vocational career pathways.

The aim is to get more people to see careers in a range of vocational areas like building, plumbing and agriculture as an attractive and first-option when they leave school to close the skills gap in New Zealand.

Trades Academy Lead Providers are now able to apply to the Ministry of Education for the additional places (submissions due 13 November 2019). This additional process will have no impact on the original allocations provided in September 2019. Schools interested in accessing additional places for 2020, should work with their current Trades Academy Lead Provider(s).

Schools and tertiary providers not already part of a Trades Academy, should contact a Trades Academy Lead Provider in their region to explore potential opportunities for 2020.

For more information about Trades Academies visit the Youth Guarantee website.

Find a provider – Youth Guarantee website(external link)

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