Collective Agreement Offer for Primary Principals

The Ministry of Education has presented NZEI with a settlement offer to primary principals on 9 August 2019.

The offer would see all primary principals receive pay parity with secondary principals on their base pay components (roll, staffing and decile payments), and a 3% pay increase each year for three years.

This offer provides most principals with a cumulative pay increase of about 11%.

The increase for the principals of our smallest schools (with fifty children or less) will be significantly higher. The offer lifts the salary of these principals to match the rate of pay for principals leading schools of 100 students or less. As a result a primary school principal’s minimum salary will be $104,000 by August 2021, an increase of over $16,500.

Additional support staff will be provided for small schools to ensure there are at least two staff members in every school during the school day, from 28 January 2020.

A $300,000 per annum professional development fund for principals will be established from 28 January 2020.

All principals who are members of the NZEI will receive a one-off lump sum of $1,500 each (pro-rated for principals working part time).

Read the agreed Terms of Settlement:

The Accord continues to be offered to primary principals. Read about the accord:

Cost of offer

The cost of this offer is about $68 million over three years.

How many primary principals are there?

There are around 1,950 primary principals.

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