Teacher recruitment – recruiting the extra teachers we need

We’re recruiting additional teachers to grow the 70,000 or so pool available to teach in New Zealand schools.

New demand and supply estimates show we are likely to need another 850 or so teachers for the 2019 year – 650 in primary and 200 or so in secondary.

The recruitment campaign aims to encourage:

  • schools to employ teacher graduates
  • kiwi teachers to return from overseas
  • overseas-trained teachers with similar qualifications to move to New Zealand
  • and more people, include career changers, to train as teachers for future years.

Grants and subsidies – expanded initiatives

Expanded initiatives are now available to help school principals fill vacancies for the 2019 year.

These include:

  • Financial assistance to recruit teacher graduates.  Schools can access up to 230 grants of $10,000 each, to assist with mentoring and on-the-job training for graduate teachers. This National Beginner Teacher Project will be targeted where there are shortages of teachers in some subjects and locations.
  • Changes to the criteria to enable more schools to access the 3R National Fund - making it easier to recruit for staff in shortage subject and isolated areas. 
  • Further support for teachers required to repeat or re-sit aspects of the Teacher Education Refresh programme - at no further cost. More availability of a finder’s fee of up to $3000 per teacher to help schools offset recruitment costs.
  • Increasing the number of Overseas Relocation Grants to match the expanded recruitment drive – for returning Kiwi teachers and overseas-trained teachers. Additional funding for agencies to process more overseas teacher applications.
  • Expanding the Teacher Education Refresh (TER) subsidy so it can be accessed by overseas teachers who require it to meet certification requirements with the Teaching Council.
  • Work with the Teaching Council to improve PLD support available for overseas-trained teachers – including a focus on induction that builds the culturally responsive practices needed to work in New Zealand.

Apply for these grants and subsidies (external link)

Recruitment agencies assist schools

Education recruitment agencies are helping principals find the new teachers they need for 2019.  The agencies are contacting schools to liaise about advertised vacancies.  Principals are also urged to contact agencies direct with any new vacancies.

Recruitment agencies (external link)

Become a teacher – marketing campaign

A 3 year marketing campaign aims to grow the number of additional teachers we need with real stories about what motivates teachers and gives meaning to their work.

Become a teacher (external link)

Recruiting overseas-trained teachers

Clean air and beautiful countryside, great students and safe schools are among the attractions offered in a new campaign to recruit overseas-trained teachers into New Zealand schools.

Teach in New Zealand (external link)

Estimating teacher demand and supply

A new Teacher Demand and Supply Planning Tool is enabling us to estimate the number of teachers we’ll need in the short to medium term.

This tool is part of best practice in education workforce planning – so demand and supply mechanisms can be adjusted to ensure the right number of teachers are available and our children continue to enjoy a great education.

Education Counts (external link)


Find out how easy it is to recruit great teachers: view our recruitment infographic here [PDF, 162 KB]

Teacher Supply Package information release

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