Centres of Research Excellence (CoREs)

Learn about CoREs. CoREs are inter-institutional research networks, where researchers work together on commonly agreed work programmes. CoREs support growth in research excellence and make a contribution to New Zealand’s development of world class researchers in areas of existing research excellence.

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  • Centres of Research Excellence
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Further reading may be required for CoREs, to understand their mission statement and performance monitoring framework.

New mission statement for CoREs

The CoREs mission statement specifies the characteristics of CoREs and sets out the high level expectations of CoREs, including roles of the tertiary education institution hosts and partners, and the role, performance and achievements of CoREs.

Performance measures framework for CoREs

The performance monitoring framework for the CoREs policy aims to assist the CoREs to demonstrate and Government to assess, the contribution that CoREs are making. The framework provides a set of common measures to assess the policy impact of the CoREs, and aligns with the Tertiary Education Commission’s monitoring of each CoRE’s contractual commitments.

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