Administration for ECE services

Self review guidelines for ECE

For an organisation to grow and improve the quality of its services it is important it monitors its performance.

Ngā Arohaehae Whai Hua/Self-review Guidelines for Early Childhood Education were created with this in mind.

Early Learning Information (ELI)

The Early Learning Information (ELI) system is an electronic information system for early childhood education.

How it works

The ELI system enables the electronic exchange of information on early childhood education between education providers and the Ministry of Education.

ELI is available through a secure window on the internet or through each education provider's student management system.

Learn more and log into ELI

If you want to:

  • read more about ELI
  • login into ELI Web
  • login for ELI Reports

visit the ELI website (external link) .

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