Early Learning Regulatory Update – August 2018

Regulatory reminder for the Early Learning sector for August 2018 about the supervision requirements for persons responsible at home-based services.

Supervision requirements of persons responsible at home-based services

We have recently been asked to clarify our position on the supervision requirements of a person responsible in a home-based setting.

The supervision of children and educators by a person responsible is extremely important. It is the person responsible who has primary responsibility for overseeing the education and care, comfort and health and safety of children as well as providing professional leadership and support to educators.

The key supervision requirements of a person responsible are:

  • Each child (and the educator providing education and care to them) must be supervised by a designated person responsible at all times children attend the service.
  • Each person responsible can supervise up to 50 children at any time.

To support the above requirements, we also expect service providers to meet the following:

  • Each educator is given the name and contact details of the person responsible designated to supervise the children in his or her care before those children attend the service. If a designated person responsible is on planned leave, educators must be proactively informed who their replacement person responsible is before children attend. If the designated person responsible is sick, educators must be proactively informed as soon as practicable.
  • The designated person responsible must be immediately available by phone to respond to queries from educators, and able to advise and to give instructions to educators. They must also be able to attend a home in person as soon as practical based on a risk assessment of the situation.

Supervision is one part of the person responsible role. For further details about all the requirements, please contact an Education Adviser at your local Ministry of Education office.

Local Ministry of Education office

Please note that this clarification is based on current requirements and does not pre-empt any outcomes of the home-based review. You can read the recently released home-based review discussion document and have your say on the proposed changes by going to our Education Conversation | Kōrereo Mātauranga website.

Education Conversation | Kōrereo Mātauranga website(external link)

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