Early Learning General News – October 2018

General news for the Early Learning sector for October 2018 including the learning support satisfaction survey and the Early Learning survey results.

Learning Support Satisfaction Survey

Term 4 release

We will be releasing the new Learning Support Satisfaction Survey in Term 4 2018. This replaces the Regional Closure (Service) and Annual National Client Satisfaction Surveys, which are being phased out as they are no longer fit for purpose.

This new survey will be sent each month to caregivers and educators of children who have received an eligible Learning Support service for 12 months, or have a job completed date for an eligible service type for the previous month. Only caregivers and educators with a valid email address will receive the survey.

Ongoing Resourcing Scheme (ORS) recipients with a valid email address will receive the survey 12 months after the service start date of ORS and every subsequent 12 month period until the service ends (24 months, 36 months etc after the service start date).

Eligible Learning Support services include:

  • Behaviour support
  • Communication support
  • Deaf and hard of hearing
  • Early Intervention (for children under 5)
  • Intensive Wraparound Service (Te Kahu Tōī)
  • Ongoing Resourcing Scheme (ORS)
  • Physical disability support.

Data from the survey will be used to improve delivery of Learning Support services at a regional and national level. By receiving feedback each month from caregivers and educators whose child has received Learning Support, the survey will enable timely quality assurance and allow us to continuously improve services.

Data from the survey will also present a coherent picture of caregivers’ and educators’ perception of the quality of service delivery across service types and regions. Responses will identify where there are high levels of satisfaction and what is and isn’t working well. This information will be used to support the sharing of practice across Ministry regions and teams. 

Help with completing the survey

Parents and caregivers may contact you to help them to complete the survey. Please assist if you can. Alternatively, you can direct these queries to the appropriate Ministry regional office.

Local Ministry office information(external link)

Tuia Mātauranga 2019 education programme

Next year New Zealand will commemorate the 250th anniversary of the first meetings between Māori and non-Māori, and the feats of Polynesian navigators and explorers who reached and settled in Aotearoa New Zealand many years earlier. 

Tuia – Encounters 250 is a national commemoration of the multiple histories that formed our nation, and aims for New Zealanders to have conversations about our rich histories and our national identity.

The Ministry will support the commemoration’s education work through Tuia Mātauranga. Tuia Mātauranga is the national education programme to support teaching and learning using the themes of the commemoration and local curriculum development. It will include learner-focused activities and events designed to engage learners while learning about the themes related to Tuia in national, local and personal contexts.

As part of Tuia Mātauranga a wall planner has been developed, which will be distributed to all early learning services and schools with the Education Gazette on Monday 29 October. It is intended to assist you with your planning for 2019, and includes information that can spark conversations, inspire learning and investigation into our histories of voyaging and navigation, and our innovations and scientific discoveries.

If you have any questions regarding Tuia Mātauranga, or would like additional copies of the wall planner, please email tuia@education.govt.nz.

Future information on the education programme will be provided directly to early learning services later this year. More information on the Tuia – Encounters 250 commemoration is available from the Ministry of Culture and Heritage website. 

Ministry for Culture and Heritage(external link)

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