Early Learning General News – February 2019

General news for the Early Learning sector for February 2019 including Summer temperatures, Tomorrow’s School Review and Teaching Council election update.

Summer temperatures – plan to keep children comfortable

As temperatures rise it is important to ensure children and staff at your service are comfortable. Early learning services should have an action plan for dealing with increased temperatures.

When rooms are uncomfortably warm with poor ventilation, children are less likely to learn and more likely to become restless. The licensing criteria requires that rooms used by children have effective ventilation that allows fresh air to circulate, this is especially critical when young children are sleeping. Services should recognise that different ventilation and temperature control may be necessary depending on the layout and design of the service. 

Along with ensuring that children in your service are comfortable, it is important that staff are able to recognise the signs and symptoms of heat related illnesses, such as heat rash, and what actions need to be taken if a child becomes ill.

Check the licensing criteria for further guidance on our website.

Licensing criteria

If you have any concerns or questions please get in touch with your local Ministry office.

Contact details for local Ministry offices

Tomorrow’s Schools Review – have your say 

The report Our Schooling Futures: Stronger Together | Whiria Ngā Kura Tūātinitini is now open for consultation. It was released by the Tomorrow’s Schools Independent Taskforcein December 2018.

The Independent Taskforce was asked by the Government to review the provision of compulsory schooling in Aotearoa New Zealand, with a focus on achieving a system that promotes equity and excellence for children and young people. This included giving active expression to Te Tiriti o Waitangi, and the ability of the governance, management and administration of the schooling system to respond to education needs in the future.

The Independent Taskforce’s report is calling for significant change, and before the Government makes any decisions on its recommendations they want to give all New Zealanders an opportunity to share their views.

As early learning is an important part of the wider education system you may be interested in having a say. Public engagement meetings hosted by members of the Taskforce began on 14 February, with a full schedule of times and locations to be confirmed as they come available. More details on the meetings, having your say via an online survey, and how to make a submission are available on the Education Conversation website.

Please advise your teachers, parents and whānau of these meetings, how to make a submission and about the online survey. The report is out for consultation until 7 April 2019.

Tomorrow's Schools review on the Korero Mātauranga website(external link)

Teaching Council election update

The Teaching Council elections are getting closer. Online voting starts on 4 March and runs through to 26 March. 

You can see the candidates and their profile statements, and find out more about the elections on the Teaching Council website.

Teaching Council website(external link)

Five ECE service leaders and 4 ECE teachers have put their names forward for election.

Primary teachers and principals, secondary teachers and principals, and teacher educators will also elect one candidate each.

Remember you have until 22 February to make sure your practising certificate or Limited Authority to Teach (LAT) will be current on 26 March – otherwise you won’t be eligible to vote.

If you’ve moved to a new service or have a new email address, make sure the Council knows so you can vote electronically. You can update your details on our website.

Notify us of a change of details(external link)

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