Early Learning General News – April 2019

General news for the Early Learning sector for April 2019 including Teaching Council teams with Human Rights Commission.

Teaching Council teams with Human Rights Commission to equip teachers to ‘Give Nothing to Racism’

From Teaching Council of Aotearoa New Zealand

The Teaching Council of Aotearoa New Zealand, in conjunction with the Human Rights Commission, is developing a new resource to support teachers to give nothing to racism.

The way to dismantle racism is to starve it, not feed it, and as teachers you are in a unique position to starve the spread of racism and intolerance as you help shape the hearts and minds of precious tamariki every day.

Many teachers are already actively doing this, but we all must do more. This project will further add to your toolbox to navigate the complexity of racism in a learning environment. 

The resource currently being developed will specifically support teachers to have safe and productive conversations with each other about racism, which result in changes to behaviour and practice as set out in Our Code, Our Standards.

In the meantime, there are resources in the links below available to all teachers right now.

Racism and the Code of Professional Responsibility for Teachers [PDF, 85KB](external link) – a new resource

The Code of Professional Responsibility: Examples in Practice [PDF, 895KB](external link)

Give Nothing to Racism campaign website(external link) 

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