Early Learning Funding Update – October 2019

Funding reminders for the Early Learning Sector for October 2019 including emergency closures due to measles and an update on the RS7 Return.

Emergency closures due to measles

There are a number of funding rules that may be applicable if your service has to close due to measles. If you do close you should contact your local Ministry office as soon as possible. We will clarify exactly what rules apply and the record keeping requirements.

Below is a brief summary of the absence rules and exemptions.

Three week absence rule

Services may claim funding for all sessions that a child was enrolled to attend, but was absent, for a three week period beginning from the first day of absence.

Section 6-5 Three Week Rule for continuous absence

Absence rule exemptions

In the event that the child’s absence continues for more than three weeks, a service can apply for an exemption from the three week rule in order to continue to receive funding.

Parents must complete an EC13 form confirming that that their child is either unwell with measles, quarantined due to a family member contracting measles, or must not attend because of their immunisation status.

A service must also complete an EC12 form confirming the child’s enrolment details. Both documents must be kept and provided to resourcing auditors on request.

Section 7-7 Absence rule exemptions

Usually an exemption would only be granted for a child that is unwell. In the case of children who must be excluded as a precaution against measles, we will waive the need for an EC13 signed by a medical practitioner.

A cover letter from the parents, attached to the EC12, explaining the situation will be acceptable and an exemption from the three week rule will be granted if required.

RS7 Return update

On 1 November 2019 the Ministry will pay the next instalment of ECE funding to services that submitted their RS7 Return by 7 October.

Services that submit their RS7 Return after 7 October, but by 8 November, will receive funding overnight on 20 November 2019.

Emails acknowledging receipt of the RS7 Returns are sent out to services. If you do not receive an acknowledgement email within 2 working days of your submission, please check your student management system or ELI reports and contact the Ministry.

Funding notices are posted to services on the payment date. The Ministry does not provide confirmation of amounts prior to this date.


Early learning services are responsible for ensuring the accuracy of the data submitted. Resubmissions are available to correct genuine errors or oversights that come to light at a later date.

Resubmissions for the June – September 2019 period should be made electronically. Resubmissions can be made electronically up until 31 December 2019. After this date, any resubmissions must be done via hardcopy. Submissions that relate to earlier than October 2018 will not be processed. Resubmissions may be audited by the Ministry’s Monitoring team to verify their accuracy.

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