Keeping children safe in the sun

Keeping children safe in the sun is very important. Excessive sun exposure increases the risk of developing skin cancers including melanoma in later life. Centres should develop a sun smart policy and take the Cancer Society’s SunSmart training module.

SunSmart training module from the Cancer Society

This free online training module(external link) provides teachers with information about being sun smart and tools to support their service to do this. If they get a pass rate of at least 80% in the final quiz, they will receive a certificate and a reminder of their own identified call to action. Teachers can use this course to show that they are meeting the Code of Professional Responsibility by:

  • commitment to learners – promoting the wellbeing of learners and protecting them from harm
  • commitment to families and whānau - engaging families and whānau in their children’s learning
  • and the Standards of Professional Learning and Professional Relationships.

Develop a sun protection policy

Centres should develop a sun protection policy and practice to keep children safe and comfortable when they’re outside. This should be shared with parents and carers.

Sun protection policies should include:

  • Shade
  • Clothing
  • Sun hats
  • Sunscreen
  • Sunglasses

Sample sun protection policy for early childhood centres(external link) to help you develop your own policy

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