Additional funding for immediate costs due to COVID-19

The Government has announced additional funding for state and state-integrated schools as a contribution towards some of the unexpected costs they may have incurred due of COVID-19.

This initiative is intended to relieve some of the immediate financial pressures but may not cover all costs that they incurred.

This initiative will provide a one-off contribution towards:

  • cleaning and sanitiser costs,
  • additional staff to support small schools,
  • additional wage support for the school hostel workforce, and
  • additional relief teacher funding.

Cleaning and hand sanitiser costs

$10.568 million additional funding will be provided to schools to contribute to the costs of hand sanitisers, additional cleaning and other COVID-19 related costs. This funding is intended to ensure the health of school communities is protected.

State and state-integrated schools do not need to do anything to receive this funding.

We are calculating the contribution your school will receive and will pay these automatically as part of your 2020 October operational grant instalment. Schools will be contacted on 31 August with a letter on the School Data Portal confirming the amount and the payment date.

The additional funding will be allocated to schools based on the number of students on their July 2020 roll. This will be a proportion of the total funding available.

U1 & U2 teaching principal support

Additional funding of $8.449 million will be provided to small schools who have a U1 or U2 principal. This funding contribution is to provide release time for principals of small schools during term 3 to manage other aspects of the COVID-19 response, and ensure learning is not disrupted for students. This funding will be paid automatically as part of the October operational grant instalment for those schools.

There are 506 eligible schools in total. Each school will receive a one-off contribution to cover 1 full time teacher equivalent for term 3, based on the salary rate of the applicable Collective Agreement. Eligible schools will be contacted directly on 31 August with a letter on the School Data Portal confirming the amount.   

Extension of the Hostel Wage Subsidy

The Hostel Wage Subsidy Scheme will be extended for a further eight weeks. The extension is to support the hostel workforce within schools where boarding students have not yet returned, and provide transition support to assess the ongoing staffing requirements of their boarding facilities.

To be eligible for this funding your hostel must demonstrate a decrease of at least 25% in the number of students staying at the hostel facilities from the beginning of the 2020 school year.

We will contact all school hostels that received the hostel subsidy support to confirm whether they are eligible to receive the extension.

Temporary change to Additional Relief Teacher Funding (ARTF)

As a result of COVID-19, schools have experienced higher than planned levels of staff absences. To recognise the additional absences, the threshold for seeking Additional Relief Teacher Funding (ARTF) will be temporarily lowered. You can now apply for ARTF for staff absences greater than 4 days. This is not a permanent change to the ARTF policy and will only apply to absences during Term 2 and 3 of the 2020 school year. Schools that have previously applied for ARTF for Term 2 and 3 will automatically receive funding for the additional four days. 

Further information about Additional Relief Teacher Funding can be found here.

Claims for Additional Relief Teacher Funding need to be made via the Education Resourcing System (ERS).

Apply for Additional Relief Teacher Funding on ERS(external link)

Please ensure that all ARTF requests through ERS have been approved by your school’s ERS approver after they have been created. We are unable to process applications until this has occurred.

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