How to: Privacy statement and consent form

The privacy statement communicates how the Kāhui Ako will use the information and who will access it.

The Kāhui Ako can draft a common privacy statement and consent form, which each school or service will send out to existing families or include in its enrolment processes for new families.

[link] Download the template for developing a privacy statement and consent form

How to write your privacy statement and seek consent for sharing sensitive information

Kāhui Ako need to inform parents and caregivers about how they will share information through a privacy statement. Seek consent at the same time to share any sensitive information. 

Draw on your privacy protocol to write the privacy statement

The privacy statement should explain to parents and caregivers exactly what will happen with the information. You can draw this information from the privacy protocol

  • Why will you share the information?
  • Who will it be shared with?
  • Who will see it?
  • How will it be stored?
  • Do they have to agree?
  • What will happen if they don’t agree?
  • How can they access and correct the information?

Explain who is in the Kāhui Ako

Explain who the members of the Kāhui Ako are when describing who will see the information. List current members, but introduce the membership list with “may include”. Then, you will not need to change your privacy statement for future changes in membership of the Kāhui Ako.

Include this privacy statement in the enrolment process

Each school or service in the Kāhui Ako should include the new privacy statement and consent form as part of the overall privacy statement in the enrolment form.

The Ministry of Education provides an enrolment form for early learning services, so services wanting to share personal information within a Kāhui Ako will need to provide the privacy statement and consent form with the existing enrolment form.




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