Scholarships for Teaching English in Schools for Speakers of Other Languages (TESSOL)

Having teachers with a Teaching English in Schools for Speakers of Other Languages (TESSOL) qualification in your school will improve the outcomes for English language learners. We offer tuition fees scholarships for study towards a TESSOL qualification.

You are eligible to apply if you:

  • currently teach new migrant, Pasifika or international students in a state-funded school
  • have at least two years’ teaching experience
  • have a permanent position in a mainstream class or a specialist ESOL class.

The full criteria and requirements for support from your school are explained on the applications. In October these are posted out to schools, along with course information from the providers. 

TESSOL tuition fees scholarships are offered for study at:

  • University of Auckland Faculty of Education for teachers from Auckland schools
  • Waikato Institute of Technology (Wintec) for teachers from Waikato schools
  • Victoria University for teachers from Wellington schools
  • Massey University for teachers from schools in rural areas and provincial cities
  • University of Canterbury College of Education for teachers from schools in Christchurch.

What the scholarship covers

The scholarship funds 2 to 5 specified core papers, depending on the course. Funding includes course fees and approximately $100 towards books. The funding usually covers 2 years at a rate of 1 paper each semester, based on 2 semesters each year. We strongly encourage schools to help teachers complete the qualification by funding at least some of the papers not covered by the scholarship.

How to apply

Applications for 2019 TESSOL scholarships are due by Friday 2nd November.

Complete the application form for the tertiary institution you wish to study at. You and your principal need to fill in the form. Email it to the address given in the form instructions.

More than one teacher at a school can apply for a scholarship – in fact this is recommended as studying together provides good opportunities for collegial support.

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