Regional mentoring service for Māori and Pasifika students

The Regional Mentoring Service is aimed at supporting young Māori and Pasifika students, in a culturally responsive way, to successfully achieve NCEA. Evidence shows mentoring helps students achieve academic success and the service plans to support students by working with them and their school, friends, families, whānau and communities.

Availability of this service

The service is available in selected schools in all 10 education regions. Contact for more information.

Criteria for students to receive mentoring support

For a student to be eligible for mentoring support, they must meet the following criteria:

  • be Māori or Pasifika
  • in Years 11, 12, or 13
  • show signs they are unlikely to achieve NCEA by themselves
  • the young person and their family agree to participate and enter into the programme
  • the school has identified that the mentoring programme is an appropriate mechanism to support the student's NCEA achievement.

How the service works

Students are supported academically, with pastoral support provided where needed. Mentors tailor the service to the student’s needs, local resources and circumstances. Mentors also work with students, their schools and their families, whānau and communities.
Email for more information.

Further information

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